Natural Cedar Oil

indispensable for providing regenerative processes in the structure of the skin, its restoration at the cellular level, proper nutrition and rejuvenation.

Nature has filled cedar oil with a unique composition, which has no analogue.


♻️ Vitamin E is known to be essential for good skin and hair condition. Cedar nut oil contains more of this vitamin than, for example, olive and coconut oils. It is also rich in vitamins of groups B, A and D, iodine, phosphorus and magnesium.

Pine nut oil is added to shampoo, balm or highly nourishing masks are created on their own. Used to restore damaged and split ends.

Mask with cedar oil and honey

easily, at home, will enhance shine, make curls obedient and elastic thanks to the proven natural composition.


🌞 7 drops of cedar nut oil;

🌞 15 gr. honey;

Pine nut oil

🔶 activates the processes of cell regeneration;

🔶 heals small cracks and wounds;

🔶 nourishes the skin with vitamins and microelements, saturates with moisture;

🔶 relieves itching, allergies, redness;

🔶 heals acne and acne;

🔶 removes makeup well.

Suitable for all skin types.

Maintains the natural moisture level of the skin.

Quickly smoothes wrinkles, and antioxidants provide an amazing anti-aging effect.

Save your beauty and youth!

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