Pine nut oil, 250 ml

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  • 100% natural, raw.
  • Made with using manual labor on an oak press by cold pressing from the highest grade pine nut kernel.
  • Packing: a bottle of dark glass.
  • Volume  250 ml


Pine nut oil 100%. Raw. Unrefined.

Made on the oak press by cold pressing from the refined kernel of a pine nut of the highest grade.
Contains a rich balanced complex of fatty acids, vitamins and microelements. Increases physical and mental performance, cleanses the blood from cholesterol, strengthens the immune system, balances the body at the cellular level, has anti-inflammatory, regenerative properties.

100 g of product contains: 899 kcal

  • Proteins-0
  • Fat – 99.9 g
  • Carbohydrates-0

Possible to form a natural sediment.
Not contain: dyes, flavorings, additives of other oils.

Contraindications: individual intolerance.
Shelf life 6 months.
Packaging: dark glass bottle.
Store in a dry place protected from direct sunlight at a temperature of 0 – 25C.
Store the opened bottle at a temperature of 0-5C. It is recommended to use within 30 days after opening.
Volume: 250 ml




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