Pine nuts and the oil obtained from it are unique, first of all, by a high concentration of substances irreplaceable for the human body and their balance.

Pine nut oil contains a complex of unsaturated fatty acids (vitamin F), saturated fatty acids – palmitic, eicosanic, stearic, and a whole group of vitamins and microelements.

As part of pine nuts:

☀️ vitamins A, E, almost the entire group B, K1, C, F, PP;

☀️ micro and macro elements: iodine, phosphorus, copper, magnesium, zinc, calcium, potassium, sodium, iron, manganese;

☀️ carbohydrates – sucrose, glucose, fructose, make up 13%.

Pine nut oil contains,

not synthesized by the body, unsaturated fatty acids:

♻️ oleic acid, Omega-9 group (15-20%).

Building material for body cells. It participates in the formation of cell membranes, the synthesis of hormones, the construction of neurons, metabolic processes, and is a source of energy for cells.

♻️ linoleic acid, Omega-6 group (40-45%).

Necessary for the normal functioning of the human body. It participates in the growth and development of cells, in metabolic processes, affects blood circulation, nervous reactions, and immune defense.

It is one of the constituent cells of the body and their source of energy. Critically important for the normal functioning of cell and subcellular membranes.

♻️ pinolenic acid (18-24%),

It is an isomer of γ-linolenic acid (GLA) and is found ONLY in conifers of the Pine family (Pinus Sibirica) and its greatest amount in seed lipids.


It is scientifically proven that products and products containing pinolenic acid are suitable for controlling weight, food intake, appetite and anti-inflammatory effects.

The main mechanism is to stimulate the release of Cholecystokinin (CCK) and Glucagon-like peptide.
These hormones are released after the consumption of food.
The release of CCK inhibits the movement of digested food into the duodenum, thereby causing satiety-related behavioral symptoms.
The glucagon-like peptide reduces motor activity and slows down the digestion of food, which keeps you feeling full for longer.
An increase in the level of SSC increases the immunity of the mucous membrane and, as a result, provides enhanced protection against infection of the body with bacterial and viral infections.

Research into the mechanism of action of this unique substance is still ongoing in Russia, Korea, Japan, China, but it is already obvious that pinolenic acid is not metabolically converted to arachidonic acid and can reduce its level.

There is an assumption that arachidonic acid leaves the structure of membranes with strong excitation, which leads to damage to neurons and causes a decrease in mental activity.

A decrease in arachidonic acid levels allows the brain’s neurons to function normally.

The antitumor properties of pinolenic acid are also being studied.

Impact of cedar nut oil and cedar products on human health:

🔶 strong support for the immune system, cell protection;

🔶 antiseptic, detox effect;

🔶 maintaining the health of the respiratory tract;

🔶 restoration of the functions of the liver and prostate gland;

🔶 prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases;

🔶 lowering high blood pressure;

🔶 elimination of choking, cough, mucus, inflammation;

🔶 treatment of influenza, rhinitis, allergies, bronchitis;

🔶 support and cleansing of the digestive tract;

🔶 improved emptying;

🔶 regulation of the activity of the thyroid gland;

🔶 lowering high cholesterol levels in the blood vessels;

🔶 calming the nervous system;

🔶 support for brain function;

🔶 relieving stress, nervousness;

🔶 improvement of concentration, memory;

🔶 providing energy, vitality;

🔶 cleansing and improving the healing of skin wounds and diseases;

🔶 acceleration of skin regeneration;

🔶 skin hydration;

🔶 improving the condition of hair, nails;

🔶 prevention oncologists

The list is impressive, isn’t it?

Do not forget that pine nuts are a completely natural product, without chemicals and impurities, collected in ecologically clean places, far from civilization.

In folk medicine, treatment with Siberian cedar products has long been known.

Pine nut oil even got its name –

“cure for 100 diseases”.

And this tool is available to everyone!

Take it and use it!

Cedar resin deserves special attention.

Zhivitsa (turpentine) is a powerful antiseptic and immunostimulant that promotes the production of phagocytes.

Its 10% concentration in cedar oil is the main component of “Siberian cleansing”, a popular gentle method of healing and cleansing the body at the cellular level.
Despite the high calorie content of pine nut oil (898 kcal per 100 g) and nuts, the plant proteins in their composition are absorbed by the body by 96%, which makes pine nut products unique in their kind and recommended for dietary nutrition and weight normalization.
Pine nut oil has almost no contraindications for use, both for food and for medicinal purposes. It should not be used only with individual intolerance, which is extremely rare.
Siberian cedar is a real storehouse of vitamins and nutrients that can heal your body both from the outside and from the inside.

Don’t miss the opportunity to take advantage of such a gift from nature!

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