With pine nut oil you will become king or queen in your kitchen!

Its incredibly mild flavor and forest aroma will add flavor to any dish.

It will give each ingredient an incredibly tasty and pleasant pine shade.

A classic of the genre is a vegetable salad with this product. It goes well with tomatoes and spicy herbs.

Pine nut oil is one of the few that can be safely added to fruit salads.

This product also behaves great in vegetarian dishes.

What could be simpler than ordinary porridge flavored with this taiga oil?

Perfect for making sauces.

It will add an exquisite taste to baked goods.

☣️ Cedar nut oil can only be added to warm or cold dishes

If it is heated, it will not only turn into carcinogenic, but also lose its amazing taste and aroma properties.

Pine nut is a high-calorie product. But, the substances included in its composition are perfectly absorbed by the body and in terms of the amount of protein it surpasses meat, which makes it indispensable for the full nutrition of vegetarians, as well as pregnant women, children, athletes and people on a diet.

Cedar nuts are part of the famous Italian Pesto sauce

This sauce is a traditional product of the Liguria region (North-West of Italy). According to tradition, Pesto is cooked in a marble mortar and all ingredients are ground with a wooden pestle.

You can come up with your own sauce with cedar products.

Cedar oil can be poured into a warm creamy or tomato mass mixed with spices and aromatic herbs.

Make this sauce and pour it over the usual pasta 🌞

Pine nut oil is rightfully considered the king of oils.

In addition to its unique taste, it will saturate your body with essential amino acids, vitamins and trace elements.

Strengthens the immune system and gives energy and good mood!
It contains 3 times more vitamin F than fish oil, and 5 times more vitamin E than olive oil.
It is important to use only fresh pine nut oil!
This is a rather capricious product in terms of storage.

Its shelf life, without losing its healing and taste qualities, is 6 months.

An open bottle is best kept tightly closed in the refrigerator door and try to use within a month to avoid rancidity, oxidation and loss of nutrients.
Order the freshest cedar nut oil pressed on an oak press and treat yourself and your loved ones with a new taste of your favorite dishes!


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